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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Operation Blackout: Chapter 4 Cheats!

When you log on to Club Penguin today, you will see these orders:

Wait, did you see that? Now Rookie has been captured!

Get your FREE Deflection Vest:

Walk through the laser lights when they turn green.

Now complete the puzzle like this:

That's all there is to it!

Woot! Security Clearance Level 4! Now just wait 2 more days! We are almost there! Do you think Herbie will capture everyone? Will we finally find out who the REAL Director is?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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mario30206 said...

next on herbert's to capture list is jet pack guy.and then last but not least is THE DIRECTOR!that means we will get to see who the director is when herbert captures him.

Anonymous said...

The real director is aunt arctic. there are lots of clues, such as the dance club first square used to be in morse code, it translated into aunt arctic is the director. and the director signed in the yearbook with the letter after z, and in greek, its aa, like aunt arctic. there are lots of other proof too

Anonymous said...

i think theyre making these parties MUCH too easy i mean the key things are way to easy

Anonymous said...

The new EPF agents will be Jet pack guy and maybe PH

Anonymous said...

Ron68 You are incorrect about the morse code. Morse code involves varying the length of a signal, and all the tiles change at a constant rate.

abcee said...

actually from hacking the test servers people found that when he captures the director it will look like the one used in operation videos the black and grey one

Anonymous said...

@ Ron68said...
If the Director were Aunt aartic I'd kill myself. Also He can't be Her because in the first PSA mission it is made very clear that it can't be her at all no question end of topic the end that's it there's nothing more to it , so there!
P.S. there's other proof too.

Unknown said...

There is actually a glitch to the final room by going to security terminal 4 (I think) then walk to the boxes and then click the door but just before u get out the door, u click the boxes again. It takes a couple of tries but a works!

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