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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Penguin Style Clothing Catalog for November 2012!

The hidden Club Penguin Cheats in the Penguin Style Clothing Catalog for November 2012 are here!

Do this to find the cheats.

Step 1. Click on the Map icon in the lower left.
Step 2. Click on "Town."
Step 3. Go in the "Gift Shop."
Step 4. Click on the Clothing Catalog in the lower right.

Check out the new Background: 

New arrivals and Club Penguin cheats:

For the first cheat. Go to the 6th page. And click the penguin's shoe.

For the next cheat, flip to the next page and click the paint brush.

 Now you found the red viking helmet!

Click the paint brush four times and.....
You get the Blue Viking Helmet!

Now go to the 9th page and click the penguin's beak.

And now you found the Vampire Fangs!

For the next cheat go to page 15.

And click the cars mirror.

You have found the Green Wheeler! 

Cp has really been light on the cheats recently don't ya think?

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Anonymous said...

Why must they continue to bring back the viking helemnts? It is one of the rarest items in the game, released early 2007, but not "rare" anymore cause they keep bringing it back

Yap95 said...

Hey Mimo, did you notice that one of the backgrounds is called blackout? It also has this type of lighted up boat, maybe it is Herbert's lair? And what's more, there is a thermometer with a snow flake on it. This must be card-jitsu snow!

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