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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Club Penguin: 2012 Halloween Party!

The 2012 Club Penguin Halloween Party is here! Yes!

First thing,  this should pop up when you log on.

Click "I Dare!" It will take you to the Forest.

Go into the hunted house. Click the key in the top right corner.  

And when you get in the house click the first key.

Key 2 is here.

Key three!

4th key!

Key 5.

Once you find all the keys click "Unlock Trunk!"

And then... Click the trunk:O

Get goggles...

Wooo! Thats pretty neat! Pick up those Ghost Goggles!

And there you have it! 

With these cool googles, you can now see the door to the Ghost Lab! 

Now, enter the Ghost Lab... and you find Gariwald! (This is where Field Ops 104 will be found, too!)

Gariwald will give you a new Ghostamatron Background:

And, check out the catalog... some items for everyone!

Even non-members can buy this awesome Ghost Catcher Uniform...

The Ghost Lab is where you will also find the Member's Only room.

Hop into this weird lookin' thing and out come a ghost!

To do this check list go to all the places it says and press "D" on you key borad.

You can get these items up to 99 times! 

This is one of the best Halloween Parties ever, don't you think?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

i cant found the four key :(

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i am very dissapointed with this year's party.

jinbob1 said...

mimo in the newspaper in garys q&as herbert asks him ow to get rid of sun, check it out

Narkoman2 said...

TIP: Night of the living sled is up in the theater.

Anonymous said...

lol I dont think its that bad but seriously once youve finished it what do you do. I logged of cp in just 10 minutes I think its isnt that fun

sean said...

This is the best halloween ever.when you catch ghost they give you a coin.

Anonymous said...

i was just in the stadium when a big flash of light went across my screen for one supersonic second. is that part of this?


Unknown said...

Today While i Was Waddling around CP I Went to the Dojo and Between the Water Fall and Volcano I Saw a Small Snow ball Just Sitting there and Wouldn't Go away.....

Turk Ois said...

I wouldn't bother being a ghost if we didn't earn igloo stuff for it, though I like the way the ghosts drift over the ground. It's much more fun being a ghost catcher than being a ghost.

I wish they had left the snow forts big-spook free. The little kids love the trick or treat houses and get scared by the big spooks.

Over all though I am loving the Halloween party.

Anonymous said...

hey mimo, i found this glitch, for members only, turn into a ghost and you will be what ever colour you was first BUT! if you click on your penguin and change colour and click the X you will not of changed colour, found by Hooty256 :)

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