Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Time for A Club Penguin Mimo Caption Contest! WOOT!

How does it work? Like this...

1. Come up with a funny, weird or warped line for both Mimo and Me Santa.

2. Type it like this:

Mimo: funny line
Me Santa: funny line

3. Send your captions to me in a comment.

You can enter as many times as you want. We will pick a few of the best ones and let you help us vote on the big wiener.

I haven't decided what the big wiener gets. Any ideas?


Good luck!

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icey4479 said...

Me Santa: Woah howd you get in there mimo

Mimo: The Crab. Its trying to kill me. So Help!!

Me Santa:No way Mimo Crabs are scary.

icey4479 said...

Me Santa: mimo what are you doing in there

Mimo: The crab lied he said thered be pie or a cookie. Must kill crab!

Me Santa: Ill leave you to that mimo

icey4479 said...

Me Santa: Okay mimo to defuse the bomb and save cp Clip the red wire on the left

Mimo: There all red wires!!

Me Santa: In That Case Ask The Crab if he doesnt answer just guess

icey4479 said...

Me Santa: Mimo thats a No No

Mimo: Yea Well Tell The Crab That


Wboys14 said...

Mimo : I'm gonna snap Klutzy!! Aaaaaaah!
Me Santa : STAY HERE! I need popcorn to see this!

Anonymous said...

me santa: What on earth are you doing?

mimo: Just hanging like a crab in ice fishing. My fridge ran out, and I'm so very hungry!

Itsmeunboxious said...

me santa : hey is the world turned upside down and im standing upside down now

mimo : No i drowning while playing fishing i need more practise

Alking501 said...

Me Santa: ... I'd BETTER be hallucinating.
Mimo: I da best hider EVER!

Alking501 said...

Me Santa: I wish a had brought my camera.
Mimo: WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? That was the whole point of me doing this! WHY ME?

Alking501 said...

Mimo: Just as I thought! This crab has zits!

Me Santa: I'm pretty sure crabs don't get blue zits.

GalaxyShyft said...

Me Santa: Surprise surprise, Mimo has gone crazy...Again.

Mimo: Here fishy, fishy, fishy!


Pipe555 (Elly) said...

Me Santa: WHat Are you doing there Mimo?
Mimo777:...Cheese Sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

The Wiener could get 1 month membershipp?? ideas, ideas, ideas. ;P

Anonymous said...

mimo: Lalala you can't get me

mesanta:This is the millonth time this is happening in tag!

Roc On Pengs said...

Mimo: Hey Me Santa! Im not Spiderman..Im MIMO-MAN!

Me Santa: O..K?

-Roc On Pengs

Mzyprincess said...

Mimo : Hey, I'm underwater and I finally found a way to float upside down underwater !

Me Santa : I bet you fell through an ice crack. Now, how do you get out ?

Anonymous said...

me santa: Really, Mimo, again?
mimo: no, this time my 'super-duper catch thingy' will work! i promise! Wait- KLUTZY NO! AHHHH!!! *chomp*

icey4479 said...

Me Santa: Mimo do you have super powers cause howd you get in there

Mimo: You never noticed the back door

Me Santa: Well how do you breathe

Mimo: I dont know acctually {blub blub blub}

Mzyprincess said...

Mimo : Is it just me, or is that bubbles i see coming from Klutzy's direction ?

Me Santa : I have a feeling you won't like the smell of Klutzy's bubbles .

Mzyprincess said...

Mimo : I feel like having crab soup for dinner. Once i get out of this place.

Me Santa : I have a feeling Klutzy didn't like the "Crap soup for dinner" part .

jojo123 said...

me santa: omg! look at that huge orange thing in the window!!

mimo:blub blub

me santa: o never mind. hey look its klutzy!!
me santa: now klutzy, tell me where herbert is and i will let you eat mimo for dinner.

mimo:blub blub

littleblondejo said...

mimo: BLUB BLUB GLUB!!(help help help)

me santa: hey look theres a crab! oh hello mimo. isnt this crab amazing!

mimo: BLUB! BLUB! (help help)

me santa: goodbye crab! oh bye mimo, any way what are you doing out there?

mimo: (no answer)

me santa: oh never mind, bye!


~Old CPG Mod~ said...

Me Santa: Not again....

~Old CPG Mod~

Catgirlblue said...

me santa: Uh... Mimo... what are you doing?

mimo:Shhhh! You'll blow my cover!


Kjmints said...

Mimo: come here you little krab
mesanta: Heheheh you spelled crab wrong

ALEXIS said...


me santa:SWIM UP!

Mimo fan said...

Me Santa:You a Crab a pool Why didnt you invite me to the party breaks glass
Mimo:lands on crab Oww!!

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Heyo man, You are doing "The Dolphin" again?
Mimo777: No, this time I'm doing the underwater bat.

joezapy said...

me santa: look a crab!
mimo:is that a new outfit? i havnt seen you in a while.... wait.....oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joezapy said...

Me santa: :0 I CANT BELIEVE IT! you have crabs, a pool, and an underwater theme!!thanks for inviting me!!!
Mimo:i invited you...but not for a party. it was for a STRESS SIGNAL!!!!!!

joezapy said...

Me santa: :0 I CANT BELIEVE IT! you have crabs, a pool, and an underwater theme!!thanks for inviting me!!!
Mimo:i invited you...but not for a party. it was for a STRESS SIGNAL!!!!!!

joezapy said...

Me Santa:thank goodness I found you!!! I have a terrible misquito bite. PLEASE scratch it!
mimo:tries to scratch>>im trying to...can you get me out after i do??

Anonymous said...

Mimo: care to help me out???
Me Santa: No..

Daprankstar said...

Hi, I have two entries for the caption contest:

Me Santa: "Mimo?? What are you doing out there?"
Mimo777: "Look! I've spotted Klutzy!! :D"


Mimo777: "Oh noes! This crab has chicken pox!"
Me Santa: "Quick Mimo, get outta there!"

By the way, is that crab supposed to be spotted or is it just me?

Yours Waddling

Anonymous said...

Me Santa:What are you doing?
Mimo:Hanging with a crab.


Anonymous said...

Me Santa: ummm mimo what r u doing?
Mimo: im spider crab! FEED ME PUDDING!


pilpulp said...

Mimo: I need to catch klutzy!!

Me santa: You are really taking this EPF field ops seriously..

jackjack said...

Mimo: HEY ME SANTA CAN YOU FETCH ME A LINE IM DROWNING HERE!! Me santa: ok mimo do you think im a dog cause only dogs fetch! Mimo: that was really corny Me Santa Me Santa : 'runs away in tears' Mimo: it was so corny that now i taste corn Crab : ' gets a pile of corn throws at mimo - jackjack

Hi I Am Tony CP said...

Me Santa: That was some party, huh Mimo? Mimo?

connor said...

me santa: are u allrite uve been there for 3 days
mimo: owww prety lights

Anonymous said...

This is my conversation.
Mimo-I want a pony for cristmas!!
Me Santa-TOO BAD!!!!
Me Santa-cuz ya on da 'nauhty list'.
Mimo-you spelled naughty wrong.
Me Santa-oh. you on da nice list now.
Me Santa-SIKE!!!

bald boy6567 said...

Mimo: I lost my pickle, have you seen it?
Me Santa: Oh... I ate it.

Wigwam said...

Me Santa: How did you get up there?
Mimo: I don't know but I'M SCARED!!!!

Wigwam said...

Mimo: I think I'm gonna be sick!
Me Santa: I'm not gonna watch!

Wigwam said...

Me Santa: Why are you upside down in there?
Mimo: Klutzy said ther was a fish in here. He tied me up.

Wigwam said...

Mimo: Don't panic but a bomb is going to go off in exactly 10 seconds...

Me Santa: Okay... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Slidoo said...


Mimo: You know the rumour where if agents say they like pie, they get banned? Well I said I liked pie, and here I am.

Me Santa: OHHHH so THAT'S where penguins go when they're banned!

I like this one!


Siomex said...

Mimo: Hey dude help me by going to puffle rescue and click the telephone for a secret level then save me!
Me Santa: Sure but which level is it and is there a boss and can i eat the crab when i rescue you?

LilliViv said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo whats hangin?
Mimo: nothing much...cept ive been holding my breath for like 20 minutes!
Me santa: with klutzy?
Mimo: uhhhh RUN! i mean SWIM!

Crazy Sam said...

Mimo: Ha Ha Ha! You cant get me now!

Me Santa: Mimo for the last time I already found you.

HyperPerson said...

Mimo: Look at me! I'm a booger!

Me Santa: Fine! I guess ill have to pick you....

Tubbydog said...

Me Santa: OMG! how did you get there?
Mimo777: i was having a snowball fight and i fell back in to the fishing hole


Wigwam said...

Just so you know my club penguin name is Adamson98

Wigwam said...

Me Santa: Mimo what are you doing?

Mimo: I had the hiccups and you told me to go upside down and drink water

KateyPruter said...

Mimo: Hey, Me Santa, why are you upside down?

Me Santa: What are you talking about? Your the one who's upside down! How did you get there anyway?!?!

Joe Cool said...

Mimo: I'm looking for my kumquat.
Me Santa: Oh... I ate it. Sorry.

Unknown said...

I know this is really off topic but when i looked at me santa that is EXACTLY what my penguin looks like without the cape same jacket thing and hair!

Unknown said...

me santa: uhhhhhhh 'sigh' let mimo be mimo

siomex said...

Mimo:If I were down there,we would have so much fun!(SINGING)

MeSanta:What are you doing?

Mimo:I have no idea

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