Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Time for A Club Penguin Mimo Caption Contest! WOOT!

How does it work? Like this...

1. Come up with a funny, weird or warped line for both Mimo and Me Santa.

2. Type it like this:

Mimo: funny line
Me Santa: funny line

3. Send your captions to me in a comment.

You can enter as many times as you want. We will pick a few of the best ones and let you help us vote on the big wiener.

I haven't decided what the big wiener gets. Any ideas?


Good luck!

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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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theman009 said...

Mimo777: Well this stinks. At least it's better than being hung from the Lighthouse!
Me Santa: Thanks for the idea!

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Wait why are u dranking the water?
Mimo: Wait I thought I was in pepsi heaven.
By Mr Hartwood8

Dark ninja52 said...

Me Santa: mimo what in the world are you doing in there?

Mimo: trying to find the pudding!

continuing for more lines:

Me Santa: what pudding?

Mimo: the mimo pudding that fell with a crab.

Me Santa: what crab?


Me Santa: really?

Mimo: No

Me Santa: then what?

Mimo: I dropped it.

Me Santa: *throws boulder at mimo*


Me Santa: right

*window shatters open*


*Mimo pudding floods in*

*mimo eats the mimo pudding*

Me Santa: bye

Mimo: bye


Funny Boy167 said...

Me santa: did you glue that parrot to your shoulder?
Mimo: no its sinking its claws into me and it really hurts

theman009 said...

Mimo777: Ahh...
Me Santa: Aww, come on Mimo! Were those bubbles you?!

Speedy 747 said...

me santa:you're wierd.

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Hey mimo, I like dogs.
Mimo: DOgs are mamals. (says lots of other dog facts). Me santa: I like turtles now. By Mr Harwood8

theman009 said...

Mimo777: Hey Me Santa, how come your upside down?
Me Santa: I think you should see a doctor, Mimo...

Anonymous said...

Mimo777-Man this is some "fishy" business.

Me Santa-What are you doing?Finding zebras?HAHAH

Mimo777-That's normal...right?


theman009 said...

Mimo777: Hehe, I'm spying on penguins at the beach. And they're girls. I think.
Me Santa: Where? Lemme see! Umm... Mimo... that's Gary the Gadget Guy.

Sk8tergrl483 said...

Mimo: help help!!! Th crab is going yo kill me!!
Me Santa: mimo!! How'd did you get in there?
Mimo: oh yea I wanted to cath that anoying crab
me Santa : oh brother ***shakes head***

Mark828sox said...

me santa: what are you doing up there?
mimo: who cares, I LIKE CHICKEN POT PIE!

Dark ninja52 said...

Me Santa: mimo hi ummm wheres ur eyes?

Mimo: on my face

Anonymous said...

Mimo: BOOO!
Me santa:I discovered a new specie!! that says BOOO!

Mimo: look! under there!
Me Santa: Underwhere??(underwear)

i think i posted twice(its me opaqes)

Hidude45 said...

Mimo: Glub Glub!
Me Santa: Mimo not again! I told you already you are not a fish!!!

redflameman said...

Me Santa: when was the last time i checked my calender cause i think its april fools!
Mimo:weird i could of swore it was september....

Icy Cyn Cyn said...

Mimo: hey me santa! look i'm spiderman hahaha
Me Santa:WOAH! is that klutzy out there? HI KLUTZY!
Mimo: ......

redflameman said...

Me Santa: Mimo why are you upside down?
Mimo: i think your seeing things cause you are upside down.

redflameman said...

Mimo: hey Me santa wanna hang out?
Me Santa: wait how did you get there!!??

imalwayscool said...

Mimo: It's a parallel dimension out here! The crab must be the portal to this whole new world!

Me Santa: Uh, Mimo, I think you might be suffering from what we call an "oxygen deficiency"...

redflameman said...

Mimo: i knew i shouldnt of grabbed that jelly fish with the aqua grabber!
Me Santa: wait did the aqua grabber explode? wait WHA???

redflameman said...

Me Santa: how are you breathing out there?
Mimo: because of garys new water breather 3000!

redflameman said...

Me Santa: Its a Fish! its a squid! No its a MIMO??!!!
mimo: oh hi there i was just hunting my dinner fresh crab cakes!!

AmyIsMyName said...

Me Stanta: WHAT are you doing?
Mimo: Fishing upside-down: Isn't it obvious?

Windows888 said...

Me Santa: Hey mimo, I told you to play with my goldfish but i wasn't this serious.

Mimo: Really?

redflameman said...

Me Santa:ahhh i love watching all the beautiful sea creatures... wait what is that thing with the tour guide hat!!!????
Mimo:meow meow!

TulipPearl1 said...

Mimo: Whoa dude, is it like April Fools or something? Everything's upside DOWN!
Me Santa: Nah, it's just you.
Mimo: Help! I'm drowing! Help! Me, Me, Me, Me (Quietly says) santa! Help!
Me Santa: Dude, if you're gonna drown you don't have to make the world revolve around ya.
Me Santa: Mimo, why are you so weird and whacky all the time?
Mimo: Idk, but have you noticed, every time I look around, it seems as if the world's gone whack and flipped over?

Mikey322 said...

Me Santa: Oooh, my reflection, I look nice!

Mimo: In your dreams!

Me Santa: AAH! Oh. Awww....

TheCpHommies said...

Me Santa: Mimo What Are You Doing?
Mimo: I'm Getting Some Fresh Water

redflameman said...

Mimo: hi me santa i am just going for a swim!
Me santa: oh ok good luck with that but how is your parrot under there!!

redflameman said...

Mimo: *blub blub*
Me santa: OMG it must be the rare mimofish!!!

Anonymous said...

me santa:mimo what pancakes are you doing underwater
mimo:my pie fell in the toilet and im looking for it
me santa:what kind of pie is it

Jhuyj said...

me santa: is klutzy staring at me?
mimo: i think he is

Jhuyj said...

mimo: my parrot can't swim
Me Santa: that's so sad

Padle16hsd said...

Mimo: funny line
Me Santa: funny line
Me Santa: Wait, wasn't this already posted...?
Mimo: I don't think so...


Me Santa: What are you doing up there???
Mimo: Shhh... It's an EPF thing ;)

Hope you like them Mimo!


Jhuyj said...

Mimo: im spying on klutzy
Me santa: that's my dinner mimo!!

Jhuyj said...

Me santa: please tell me your upside down for a reason
Mimo: I wouldn't be telling the truth then

Brave Bird1 said...

Me Santa: Why are you 'Hanging' out there Mimo?

Mimo: Im trying to see if Klutzy smells like zebras.

Jhuyj said...

Mimo: klutzy has a wart on his head
Me Santa: that's me mimo.

cygnus knight said...

me santa: what are u doing there
mimo: i cant get a fish in that fishing game the sharks keep eating it... i decided to chase them myself... besides i didnt have bath since i made my penguin.

Jhuyj said...

me santa: i lost my dinner!
Mimo: well here's a crab

martion231 said...

mesanta: mimo? do you need help?
mimo: Glub glub blub
mesanta: is that a yes or a no?

Nina said...

Me Santa: Hey, Mimo, I think you should get down from there, you're gonna get snapped by that crab below you!
Mimo777: No I won't.. OWWWW! MY EYE!

Jhuyj said...

mimo: save my air blub blub
Me Santa: air cant pass through glass

cygnus knight said...

me santa: what are you doing out there?...
mimo:i cant get a fish on that fishing game.. i came swimming to hit this crab and get my fish myself...
besides my penguin didnt have a bath since i made him

alec122 said...

Mimo: Nothing like a refreshing afternoon swim!
Me Santa: Dude, you have no idea where that water has been.

How about the winner gets a coin code?

Miss Yak said...

Me Santa: Hey what you doing checking for blimp water?
Mimo: Nah just chilling out.
Me Santa:Ok bye!
Mimo: The 2nd line was your quo to get me out.
Me Santa: is it Christmas yet i'm gonne be santa at the mall!?!



Brave Bird1 said...

Mimo: My feet have disappeared and I can't breathe!

Me Santa: You should have bought a snorkel and shoes at the Gift Shop.

Brave Bird1 said...

Mimo: Hi Me Santa glub glub

Me Santa: Im pretending we never met

Nina said...

Me Santa: Hey, Mimo, I think you should get down from there. That crab under you is gonna snap at you!

Mimo: No it won't, besides, OWWW!! MY EYE!


Brave Bird1 said...

Mimo: Help Im getting a cramp here

Me Santa: I told you not to eat fifty-seven candy pizzas then go backwards swimming

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Whats up?

Mimo: Apparently Me

By nms 30

Anonymous said...

Mimo:Me Santa! I have a peice of gum on my foot and im stuck! HELP!

Me Santa: Ummmm, no?

From: Trickzy1

Pipwater192 said...

Mimo: glub glub glub glub-
Me Santa: oh its you. and your floating.
Mimo: hey charlie!-
Me Santa: whose charlie?
Mimo: we got the amulet!
Me Santa:what amulet?
Mimo: the amulet-
Zebra:sparkle sparkle!
Me Santa:where d the zebra come from?

blacki pingi said...

Me Santa: What are you doing?
Mimo: What? I thought this was normal for penguins

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Hey Me Santa! Could you help me out of this fish tank?

Me Santa: Uhhh, no. Ive got more important things to do.

From: Redbear4

Cuteeeangel said...

Mimo: I love scuba diving!
Me Santa: Too bad he forgot his oxygen tank!

Anonymous said...

Mimo: I am trying to catch this crab for dinner.
Me Santa:How in the world are you speaking underwater?!

Cuteeeangel said...

Mimo: How did I get here?
Me Santa: Your wish was granted. You said you wanted some "space"!

Drallats2 said...

Me Santa: Hey That's An Odd Looking Fish
Mimo: Im A Mimo Fish

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: how is it going?

Mimo: just taking my afternoon swim ...... hmmmmm that crab is new. ahhhhhh get me out.

- nms 30

Anonymous said...


Me Santa: Yeah..... of course you werent.....


Cuteeeangel said...

Me Santa: OMG it's Mimo! I am your biggest fan! (follows Mimo)

Mimo: I have to get away!It is good that I found the perfect escape route!

Cuteeeangel said...

Mimo: At last... after years of searching, I have finally found the rare crab.

Me Santa: Hurry, Crab, get away while you can!

Anonymous said...

Mimo: Shhhh! Im ganna prank this frog!
Me Santa: OMG!!! watch out klutzy!

Cuteeeangel said...

Mimo: Yay! I finally found a way to get out!

Me Santa: Quick! Lock him out, so he can't come back in! It's a relief to have Mimo gone! Mwahhahahaha!

AJS 917 said...

Mimo: My Plan has WORKED!! I can now breathe underwater!
Me Santa: Yeah, as far as you know...

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Mimo, gravity seems to fail you alot. I wonder why?

Mimo: Oh. Yeah. Haha. Funny story. You see, I forgot to pay my gravity bill


Syluxrox said...

Me Santa:Whoa! Mimo how long have you been in there

Mimo:Oh I've been in here since last years water party when the glass cracked, haven't you noticed?

weasertop said...

Me Santa: look its the rare underwater mimo bat

Mimo: No its the rare mimo FISH!

Puyttre said...

Me Santa: Well what was that all about?

zmannumbaone said...

Me santa:im "board"
Mimo:im feelin "craby".

Cuteeeangel said...

Me Santa: So... Do you still think I'm fat? Say that again., and I will feed you to the sharks!(says toughly)

Mimo: NO!NO! I was just kidding! Please get me out of here!

Miss Brook22 said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo! Why are you underwater? Don't you know that's dangerous?!
Mimo: No it's not! Penguins can swim, remember?
Me Santa: But parrots can't....
Mimo: ooooooooh

:) Miss Brook22

greeny645 said...

Me Santa: ...mimo this isnt working... they will never think your a crab
Mimo: shhh! they wont notice im a penguin!

Unknown said...

Me Santa: What the heck
Mimo777: I have on idea

Wes said...

Mimo: C'mon glass, crack! I want the waddle on water party back!

Me Santa: I told you it would never work.

surferlola89 said...

me santa: i think i should lay off the coffee
mimo: how'd i get here?

SilverAtom said...

Me Santa: Something looks fishy up there
Mimo: Wooww, I work so hard to get up here and you greet me with that corny joke?

Silveratom said...

Me Santa: Klutzy, caught in the act!
Mimo: HIYA!
Me Santa: You scared him!

Leeke said...

MeSanta:......wHAT THE DINDDONG ARE YOU UP TO NOW!!!!!!!!!
Mimo:uh finding my sock
MeSanta:.............i would try your foot.
Mimo;oh k now come in here hehehe.
Mesanta:uh no thanks

Pokemonfan2000 said...

Me Santa:What are you doing?
Mimo777:SSHHH!I`m trying to catch Klutzy.

BTW, the winner could be your buddy.

Anonymous said...

mimo:Like this???
me santa:No thats not a chimney mimo.
sincerely that guy-> =3
Ill type it again i just want you to know it was me =3

Anonymous said...

Mimo:Like this??
Me santa:No thats not a chimney!

Pokemonfan2000 said...

Me Santa:What are you doing?
Mimo777:Looking for a zebra

Pokemonfan2000 said...

Me Santa:What are you doing?
Mimo777:Spider Mimo, spider Mimo,does whatever a spider Mimo does

db said...

Me Santa:Hey!there iz mimo!
Mimo:I think i sneezed on the crab!

Anonymous said...

Mesanta:what are you doing Mimo777: looking for mimo777 Mesanta: you are mimo777 Mimo777 oh ya


Icy Cyn Cyn said...

Mimo: Santa! I..I..I can't breathe!
Me Santa: I told you not to practice being a ninja in there!
Mimo:...i thought it would

Ashspire said...

Mimo: Yes! Crab for dinner tonight!
Me satna: Klutzy! Nooo! You're to cute to be eaten!

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Watcha Doin' Up There?

Mimo: Am Spying On THins Crab!

Ps:See The Crab's Eyes! It's Big!

- dhaim200

Icy Cyn Cyn said...

Me Santa:Umm... Mimo what are you doing?
Mimo:Shhh I'm about to catch a Krabby
Me Santa: A Krabby?

Anonymous said...

You could become friends with the winner.
Sincerely that guy-> =3

Ashspire said...

Mimo:Glub... Glub... I'm the first penguin submarine! Woo!

Me santa: Wtf dude?

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: So How is the oil spill?
Mimo777: If poor crabs here can survive it Anartica is fine!

sammywrinkle said...

Mimo:shh im spying on klutzy me santa: then why are you in the ocean. mimo: oh no im drowning bulb blub blub

moltak fire said...

Me Santa:Hey whats up
Mimo777:Well from my view you

RevvyEvvy said...

MeSanta: WOW.
Mimo: MOM.

db said...

I havez another one!
Mimo:Spider mimo!spider mimo!Does whatever spider mimo does...
Me Santa:Look!its a rare blue crab!
I think the prize should be an add by you (mimo,unless you haenvt noticed xD)And hot dogs!:P

Ggrasshopper said...

Me Santa: Ah! Mimo what are you doing up there?!?

Mimo: Spying on someone...

Me Santa: Spying on who?

Mimo: By the way you have nice dance moves... O.o

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo! Isn't That The New Crab In Town?

Mimo: Is It? I Was Spying On It For 3 Staight Hours Thinking It Was Klutzy!

- dhaim2000

Pokemonfan2000 said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo, what are you trying to do?
Mimo: I'm getting dinner.

Agboy said...

Mimo: Oooo! A zebra crab!
Me Santa: Mimo, that's a normal crab, not a zebra crab!
Mesanta: oyyy... wait a second! It is a zebra crab! NOT!

Unknown said...

Me santa: hey Mimo ya u there?

Mimo: i dont know i just feel weird today k

Agboy said...

Mimo: Oooo! A pizza crab!
Me Santa: Mimo, that's a normal crab, not a pizza crab!
Mimo: Your right! Its a pizza with peperoni crab!
Mesanta: oyyy... wait a second! It is a pizza with peperoni crab! NOT!
Mimo: So mean to me! WAAA!

MasterM said...

Me Santa: Whoa what happened!
Mimo: The crab is evil, evil I tell you!!

I am suggesting you could email/mail the winner a 6 month membership card...

- Olivia48yes >:D

Ggrasshopper said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo hows the water?!?!


Icy Cyn Cyn said...

Mimo: dah duh duh duh dah dah duh duh duh dah BATMAN!
Me Santa: Batman? I would say... Under... water... man... person... thing with... powers...

Ggrasshopper said...

Mimo: Brrr... The waters freezing!

Me Santa: Mimo you'r in Antarctica! What do you expect?!?

Mimo: Ahhh... Now it's warm...

Me Santa: ...

PoogyWoogy said...

Mesanta: I wonder what Klutzy taste like.

Mimo: Probably like onions...


Lego J Man said...

Me Santa: How did the penguin tracks get on the ceiling?
Mimo: Spider penguin, spider penguin...


PoogyWoogy said...

Mimo: I told you i could swim!

MeSanta: The crab looks scared... uh oh! You forgot your pants!

PoogyWoogy said...

Me Santa: Uhm, the crab says you forgot something...

Mimo: uho! Where's my pants!

Lego J Man said...

Mimo: Can't... breath...
Me Santa: I always knew Mullet would get revenge.


Holiday9899 said...

Mimo: I think I'm gonna drown!
Me Santa: Are you sure you're a penguin?

Anonymous said...

Me Santa:why are u upsidedown mimo? Mimo: Me upsidedown,please.why are u?

PoogyWoogy said...

Me Santa: I bet you a dollar that you cant touch the crab.

Mimo: Your about to lose a dollar!

PoogyWoogy said...

Mimo: Uh, a little help here?

Me Santa: Nah, me and crab are just going to enjoy the moment. By the way, where's the camera?

Holiday9899 said...

Mimo: Something's rushing to my head.
Me Santa: Is it bubbles?

Amanda1014 said...

Maybe the winner gets to meet up with you at club penguin! That would be so cool!!

MiniMonkey said...

Mimo777:Ahhhh i for got my DIVING GEAR!!(KNOCKS HARD ON GLASS)HELP!!

Me Santa:Ahhhh crazy penguin!!Ahhh crab!!!


sara said...

me santa: how are you breathing mimo
mimo(thinking): UH-OH

MiniMonkey said...

Mimo777:Um Me Santa can i get a little help getting in its cold out here!
Me Santa:Um your a penguin your suppose to like cold/

Cheese1022 said...

Mimo: Im a ninja!!
Me Santa: A ninja underwater?

MiniMonkey said...

Me Santa: Hey mimo while your down there mind getting me a couple fish?

Mimo777: All i can see is a crab!!

mo1212 said...

Me Santa: now where did Mimo go?


mo8888 said...

Me Santa:... dude you dove into our fish tank!!!

Mimo: umm well i thought the portal box took me to the box spot

Sweetflame12 said...

Me Santa: What are you doing there?

Mimo: I was trying to play Ice Fishing, but fell in.

Agboy said...

Nina said:

Me Santa: Hey, Mimo, I think you should get down from there. That crab under you is gonna snap at you!

Mimo: No it won't, besides, OWWW!! MY EYE!

Nina also said:

Me Santa: Hey, Mimo, I think you should get down from there, you're gonna get snapped by that crab below you!
Mimo777: No I won't.. OWWWW! MY EYE!


Ha ha ha! Really fun! Hope you get in to be the winner! :D

-Agcub (cpg mod)

Piper said...

Me Santa: Um...?
Mimo: I know. It's weird. I've learned my lesson. Never tap dance with a hobo while drinking cukoo hot cocoa before bed. It makes you dizzy, and this time I went upside down instead of the room going upside down.

Awesome Dude said...

Me Santa: Whoa! How'd you get upside down?
Mimo: I don't know! I was just swimming in the pool and then this happened!

Energetic100 said...

me santa: what are you doing down there?
mimo: rockhopper is using me to catch his dinner!


nick11133 said...

me santa: what around upside down like that
mimo: just hanging

Chaos1028 said...

Me Santa: Ahhhh! Why are you upside down? You will throw up!
Mimo: Im practicing for my circus act. No, im going down!

DJA said...

Both:Yeah, we're penguins.

The prize could be a toy!!!


Anonymous said...

me santa: what the ...
what are you doing mimo?
mimo: i thought that if we cannot tip the ice berg on the top... maybe i can doit DOWN the ice berg.
me santa: did you success?
mimo: no -_- now i am looking for help because this crab will eat me .
me santa: good luck!

Jesslania (CP name) said...

Me Santa: Hey, what are you doing hanging like a monkey with a funny smell?
Mimo: Ssh... You'll get caught in the caption!
Me Santa: You are doing another weird caption? Mimo you r wierd!

Jesslania (CP name) said...

Me Santa: Hey, what are you doing hanging like a monkey with a funny smell?
Mimo: Ssh... You'll get caught in the caption!
Me Santa: You are doing another weird caption? Mimo you r wierd!

Tifferz said...

Me Santa:OMG!!!the pools clean!!

Anonymous said...


Kira said...

Me Santa:What are you doing?
Mimo:Selling Tortillas and Crabs


Mojorojo said...

Me Santa: Mimo what are you doing!
Mimo: Just wiping the glass with my body!

Mimo:HEY KLUTZY DUDE lets do some push-ups together eh? Against the window? Sure! 1..2 ...3

Me Santa: I can't believe Mimo isn't in a psychiatric hospital yet..talking to crabs...

The Dark Lord Of Awesomeness said...

me santa:why are you upside down?
mimo: me? your the one upside down

DjRockstar said...

Me Santa: Dude,its me,me santa and i can grant you 3 wishes!

Mimo: 1-I want to fly, 2- I want a pizza with fish, 3- I want to catch klutzy, o no i just remember im stuck on here.

The Dark Lord Of Awesomeness said...

mimo: hello im....
me santa: a water ninja hear to show me the art of water jitsu?
mimo: ummmmm no
me santa: are you herbert in a mimo costume sceming a plan with klutzy?
mimo: ummmmm no
me santa: are u mimo?
mimo: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! wait, i mean yes!
me santa: right. well herbert im calling the police.
mimo: im not herbert?

The Dark Lord Of Awesomeness said...

me santa: mimo what are you doing?
mimo: i tried ice fishing but then the worms teamed up against me and made me bait

Jojojo33342 said...

Mimo: Blub blub hellpppppppppppppp
Me Santa: What in the world are you doing upside down in the water?
Mimo: Can you fetch me some smelly zebras?
Me Santa: Ok, just in a minute.
(Me Santa comes with a smelly old zebra)
Mimo: Can you give me it?
(Ma Santa gives Mimo the smelly zebra.
Mimo: Here you go, Klutzy.
Klutzy: Click, clickiteat, click.
Translation: Uh, ok. but why in the world do you have a smelly old zebra?

The Dark Lord Of Awesomeness said...

me santa: why are you, why should i even ask? fine. what are you doing.
mimo: i met Megan and told her she was mean to Drake and Josh so she shoved me under water.
Me santa: again?????

The Dark Lord Of Awesomeness said...

Me santa: mimo what are you doing?
mimo: i spent a week studying this crab but it apears its just sitting hear but i know itll move.
10 min later
Mimo: i think i just wasted a week of my life

Guitarking97 said...

Me Santa: Ugh what did you break now mimo..

lighthouse said...

Me Santa: Mimo! I thought you said you knew how to play Go Fish! I meant take a card from the deck!

Mimo: Well I asked you if you had any crabs and you said Go Fish!

Caption Ghost :P said...

Me Santa: How did you get in there?
Mimo: Does it matter? GET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!

Brandon Ha said...

Me Santa:Hey look everybody!It's a mimofish!
Mimo:Weird,I thought I were a penguin.

Caption Ghost :P said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo, I'm gonna eat your pizza okay? Say no if it isn't.
Mimo: Blub blub
Me Santa: Sweet thanks.
Mimo: BLUB BLUB!!!

Vinayak said...

Mimo: Hey me santa,klutzy will die now.
Me Santa:But if Klutzy will chop your head off

Anonymous said...

me santa: la la la la la la elmos world
mimo: you can watch that later just help me out

Craft123456 said...

me santa: WHAT THE MUFFINNNSSS!!! What are doing up there with Klutzy? And why are upside down Mimo???

mimo: Ummmmm...yeah.....*awkward silence*.....I...uhhhh..I should get going now. (Mimo runs away)

Brandon said...

Me Santa: Thats what happens when you fall in an ice fishing hole

Mimo:Call the Everyday Phoning Facility!

Dex Dude said...

Mimo: Woo hee hee! I like pancakes and ducks! Wa how do daz!
Me Santa:What the.....Omg....Mimo... do I need to get the straightjacket again cause I am freaking out just a bit!
-Dex Dude

PS: Oh, and yes, I am still here ;^)

#1 Mimo 777 said...


Mimo: Hey I Can SWIM!!!
U-Oh Im running out Of Air HELP

Me Santa: I'm not helping you because you didn't pick me for the winner of your contest

#2 Mimo: Did some one turn on the jacuzzi and put yellow Die in here?

Me Santa: I gtg now...

I got more just ask

Silver said...

Mimo: Uhh dude . . . CAN YA LET ME IN?!
Me Santa: Nah, I'm gonna enjoy this moment *laughs maniacally*


Anonymous said...

Me Santa: HELP!!!! AN ALIEN WHAT IS IT, OH NO HE SMELLS LIKE A ZEBRA!! WHAT IS A ZEBRA ANYWAY. Wait theres somthing on his shoulder?????

Mimo: ummm Im just trying to catch klutzy here and im not an alien penguins swim you know. I think your an alien now or your herbert. Wait your me santa whats up!!!

-Qf Sean

Anonymous said...

mimo777:BOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! i scared you!!! AHHH A CRAB!!!!

santame:no the crab scared you

Anonymous said...

me santa: i want to eat a crab

mimo: ill eat it first!


hi chewchew said...

mimo: hello kluzty , snack time !
me santa:um , mimo why are you going to eat klutzy for a snack ? why not dinner ?

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: I told you already I will play extream scuba divers later
Mimo: I want you to play now Kltzy get him

Belmontprim2 said...

Me Santa: Mimo?! Why are you drowning yourself?!
Mimi: Cause I've got nothing else to do.

Anonymous said...

Mimo: LOL! I really like to be the right way up! Hey, Me Santa, your upside down!

Santa: Ummmm, you mean I'm right side up!

p.s.: this is Brookelas

Omar07 said...

Me Santa: Wow that penguin looks nice and plump, yummy

Mimo: WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!

otiekinz said...

Mimo:Me name is Mimo!! Blub Blub...
Me Santa: Well! That a new fish in the sea!

Hehe hope ya like it!

Blummyblue said...

Mimo: I have just realised that bunjy jumping in water ACTUALLY works!

Me Santa: uh....

Hellomimmy said...

me santa: oh no I've turned into mimo!
mimo: and he says i'm the dumb one!*hits head on glass* Ow!

Cuddles 895 said...

Mimo:Hey! Don't keep walking, I want you to say something funny, so that my good friend Cuddles 895 wins the competition!

Me Santa:sigh *keeps walking*

Cuddles 895

Cuddles 895 said...

MeSanta: This is like a movie I saw, exept it wasn't in club penguin, and you weren't in it, and there weren't any crabs involved, and...oh wait, nevermind.

Mimo:*gravity pulls him down* Ouch!

Cuddles 895

PS: You should give away the membership, or the DS game you got rom billybob

Harry Wesly said...

Mimo777: "Ahhhh! How did I get here?!? This is freaky! I can't breathe!"

Me Santa: "Wow, I've never seen a Blue Crab before."

Jackostar10000 said...

Mimo: heeellllpppp meeeeeeeee!
Me santa: what? did you say sushi?

Unknown said...

Me Santa: What's the weather like up there Mimo?
Mimo:It's freezing and that silly Klutzy is laughing at me!

Frio19 said...

Mimo: ssshhh Dont tell anyone but me and klutzy and started the water party

Me Santa: Okay??

tuesday joy said...

mimo: i have lost my igloo have you seen it?
Me santa: No but why on earth are you looking there?

Anonymous said...

mimo: I'm feeling down today..
mesanta: why?
mimo: I can't seem to get Klutzy

Anonymous said...


mimo777: hey me santa i just made bubbles

me santa:.... really???...COOL CAN I TRY!!

puddles 282 said...

Me Santa: Mimo, what are you doing?
Mimo: I was just wondering if clutzy smelled like Zebras.

Anonymous said...

mimo:look at this
me santa:the pools in here!

Mewbra123 said...

Me Santa: This is why no one plays hide and seek with you...

Mimo: Im the best in the world!

TheWeirdOne [T.W.O.] said...

Me Santa: Look, everyone! A penguin shaped fish!
Mimo: It's just me.
Me Santa: And it talks!


Pinkpixiepip said...

mesanta: Whatcha doin'?
mimo: Teaching Klutzy to eat Herbert
mesanta:Ya.that will help the EPF

Blahimurfish said...

Me Santa:Hey Mimo!What are you doing out there?
Mimo:I am trying to break the glass and cause a Water Party!

Sambro said...

Me Santa: hey mimo watcha doing upside down here? I've beeen finding u all day.!!

Mimo: I'm here for last 24 hours trying to see if gravity acts on penguins (in water). Stupid Newton did'nt thought bout that.

Anonymous said...

Mimo: *Sniffs crab* "Me Santa you said Klutzy smells like a zebra!"

Me Santa: "I did that to get you upside down underwater...AND YOU FELL FOR IT HAH!"

-Frozen Boxy

Anonymous said...

Me Santa: OMG! It's the rare upside down blue penguin-like species! OMG I'm famous! OMG OMG! It's worth like 50,000,000 dollars!

Mimo: Actully it's the rare MIMO FISH! Hahaha! Got you Me Santa! Hahahaha! LOL

66therock said...

heres one
Mimo: Hey mesanta watch this
[catches fluffy and eats it]
mesanta: Uhhh i'll stick to twinkees.Yeahhhh
[walks out slowly to cave]

Fry943 said...

Mimo: Hey MeSanta, want to hangout with me?
MeSanta: I don't really think I could do that ..

KFC Guy 2 said...

Mimo: I'm a helicopter! Woof Woof!
Me Santa: Dude you have serious problems...

Anonymous said...

Mimo: "AHHHHHHHH Me Santa! There's a shark coming right for me!"

Me Santa: *casually walks over and looks into water* "Umm Mimo.. that's just a small piece of seaweed..."

- Angel 2881

Fry943 said...

Mimo: Tap, Tap, Tap. Umm .. MeSanta, you think you can give me a little help here?
MeSanta: Klutzy?

1w34e said...

Me Santa: Hey Mimo, what's up?
Mimo: Nothing Much, but the fact that I'm UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fry943 said...

Mimo: Spider Penguin, Spider Penguin, does whatever a Spider Penguin does, can he swing from a web? No he can't, his stuck to the roof! Look out, here comes the Spider Penguin!
MeSanta: Nice!

Paul O said...

me santa: hey watcha doin mimo?
mimo: oh, just hanging around

Demphster said...

Me Santa: "Dude Have You Seen My Potato Anywhere?"
Mimo: "I'm Already Looking For It Up Here Dude."

David Louch said...

Me santa: Do you like waffles?
Mimo: yeah, we like waffles!

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