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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Read the club Penguin Book Room Writing Contest Winners!

To read the winning stories first go to the Book Room above the Coffee Shop. Click on the Book called Penguin Tales Spring 08. Check them out. Not too bad.

Also, there is a new free wallpaper that is available. CLICK HERE.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Twinkle said...


Anonymous said...

cool!! it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

idk i might read the books but the cpip wouldnt let me on not fair!!!

megrina10 said...

mimo! you posted 10 minutes ago! is it possible if i can meet u somewhere on cp? im on right now!

Anonymous said...

Update Twitter!

megrina10 said...

Cool! I did the CPIP! It was awesome and even made me a green puffle! YAY prize!

Anonymous said...


Stickers303 said...

Hey Mim's

Very cool stories! Dont ya think?


Anonymous said...

nice i did not see that

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey mimo

sparkle55 here=)

i think it will be AWESOME!
maybe u could come and meet me on club penguin right now on
1. server big foot
2. cove
thnx mimo
bye bye

No. said...


swwy for caps!


Anonymous said...

i have the item! it just came out it is a beta hat!
please post

~yo yo itz me

Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone.

Today when i signed in into Fjord i found my friend sparkforever and he told me that he found mimo. We hunted the island together and i aslo found mimo!!!! yay!!! The bad thing was mimo had to go and he didnt accept my buddy request :( the fre item hasnt come out yet. Does anyone know why?

Thanks everyone

Shout out to one of my great friends spark forever.


jess52254, stacy lo said...

Hey just a question how do you get the side bar on the left? We need it to display stuff about us.

Anonymous said...

hi mimo777 can u please meet me in frozen in 12:00 pst now????(if not plzz reply me )

Anonymous said...

meet me in dock mimo777
-sry i forgot to tell u

Robby79 said...

that looks awesome and cool!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

has any one actually got the free item? if u have plz tell me what it is!

And mimo you are totally awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo! go to the coffe shop and click on the board that says "coffee and croissant". Surprise!!

Anonymous said...

When is the FREE CPIP ITEM coming OUT?

Anonymous said...

hi mimo i have a cheat where do i post it?

Anonymous said...

The books are great! I checked this morning. It's Friday at 7:37 AM. They still haven't given out the item yet! :(


Anonymous said...

Cool!!! It might come on saturday

Anonymous said...

apprently mimo it is delayed

Anonymous said...


Natho Dude (CPG MOD) said...

Hey Mimo! It said it would be out Friday. And its Friday! But sadly, I checked my inventory and nothing was there about CPIP. :[ But, they said it would be delivered by penguin mail. Still nothing showed up so it might be later on today!

- Natho Dude (CP NAME)

john said...

Can't wait for the item!

Anonymous said...

nooooo i cant believe it!

i got banned for the next 24 hours!

im glad i didnt get banned forever cuz that was my only good penguin.

Anonymous said...

wer is the wallpaper

Anonymous said...

Hey Mimo. I got that hat too. Amazing. lol Where is the new wallpaper though... :/

Anonymous said...

Hey Megrina!

Kimberrlley1 here! You asked if mimo would meet up with you right now?

Unfortunately hje cant. He is too busy and it also wouldnt be fair to other penguins. I wish he could too though =) Try making it to his next party! their awesome~

Thanks so mcuh & thanks mimo so mcuh too~

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anny Ning said...

to anonymous: you can find all of the wallpapers here:
the newest one is medieval themed =]

Anonymous said...

If you are a member and you have the orange and yellow mining jacket you can wear it with the red hat and drill. :)
The new item is awesome!

~Abcbellaabc (penguin name)

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous!

Kimberrlley1 here! you asked where you can get the wallpaper?!

It right here:

The newest is midevil, from the last party!

Thankjs &+ thanks mimo!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG moderaotr)"

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous,
Here was your question:
hi mimo i have a cheat where do i post it?

You can post any cheats that you have right here on the posts. I hope this helps!

Jessicamary (CPG Moderator)

Anny Ning said...

hey if you got a cheat, just post a comment anywhere and tell us about it! =]

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Kimberrlley1 here =) Somebody said they had a cheat, and asked where to post it?

You can post it right here on these blogs! Just post a comment with your cheat, penguin name, and mimo might give you credit for it!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderaotr)"

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