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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Year Mimo Club Penguin Contest Poems!

Ok, there were millions a great poems! It took me FOREVER to get it down to this many to choose from. So, read them all and I'll change the poll tomorrow so you can vote on the poems. Remember I will pick the final three winners of each contest. But your votes are helping me.

Here they are:

mimo- the king of penguins
mimo 777 is totally sweet
i enjoy each and every cheat
he posts on club penguin gang for us
i even told everyone on the bus
how mimo totally tops em' all
and club penguin gang will never fall
with mimo leadig us thru and thru
his club penguin gang is awswome, it's true
so if you see this rockin' penguin around
bow to him, bow to the ground
for he's the ruler, he's the best
mimo will help you pass the club penguin test

yo! yo! yo! listen up over here!
This is a poem about Mimo the president, dontcha hear??
Mimo is a cute orange penguin with green glasses,
Mimo is so awesome he makes me gone speechless,
Mimo is cool, what can i say?
lets all give Mimo a cheer, "hooray"
Mimo waddles like a penguin, its hip but doesnt hop,
Mimo is sweet like an ice cream with a cherry on top,
So Mimo pick my poem because it isnt the same,
My poem is all about you and you got GAME!

Mimo, followed by seven seven seven
I know he must be really bright
Mimo has such an awesome site
Oh, his must be like being in heaven
Right, he is a penguin, not a bunny
U know his color is like a carrot
Like he has a bracelet and a parrot
Zebras smell funny!

Leader of Club Penguin Gang
Everyone who saw it sang:
Many a guide for every mission
Many parties, no repetition
That's Mimo from Club Penguin Gang

Creator of Club Penguin Gang
Everyone who saw it sang:
To help us get our hard quests done
To have discussions, post comments such fun!
That's Mimo from Club Penguin Gang

President of Club Penguin Gang
Everyone who saw it sang:
For tricks and tips and surprises BOO!
For glitches, pins and secrets too
That's mimo from Club Penguin Gang

He's Our Hero!
I'm walking through clubpengiun,
Where nothing bad can happen!
Hey! Mimo777 is here!
You no longer need to fear!
In our eyes he is a hero,
Where in fighting love means zero!
So look to him in time of trouble,
Instead of having your doubts double!

In the snow
To and fro
In the air
Here and there
With his parrot
Eating carrots
Wearing socks

Mimo took me in a limo
the lights dimo in the limo
my name is cosmo and my sister calls me mosmo
she has a great memo and is like mimo
and i call her momo
she and mimo like limo in the dimo
she wants to be a member with a bigger memo
so i hope with all my heart that she will have a bigger memo
mimo thanks for reading i love you momo
(Hey thanks this little 5 year old wants to get a membership for his sister with
the little help he got he rymed to make this so thanks bye)

Ode to Mimo777
There is something on Club Penguin that I cannot find!
I go to to see where it is, for the creator, Mimo777, has a clever mind!
I always know that he has the smartest and quickest cheat!
He website, no one can beat!
I tell all my friends about him at school!
They all say that he is really cool!
I think that we all can say that he was sent from Heaven!
Ode to Mimo777!

With your sweet cheats on CPG,
You set all us penguins free,
By giving us the easy way out,
Helping us break, through barriers stout.

All the CP secretive stuff,
Is on your site,
to make it less tough,
Just for us!

Your creative ideas and generosity,
Is greatly bestowed on those in poverty,
By poverty i mean those who cannot,
Use the CP paid membership plot.

We are always eager to,
Get in touch or talk to you,
Coz you own CPG,
A ROCKING site, Can't you see?

I'll close this poem with a few words,
I want that membership of club penguin!
Or else this poem will go into the bin.

Wouldn't THAT be a pity?

mimo is a good person and hes very smart
im sure hes a good friend and has a large heart
he has good ideas and come to see
what a good site he has that starts with c.

he is orange and i like that coulor
im sure he has a good sister and a really good brother
mimo probably likes to write
this site is so good i look at it day and night.

so all clubpenguin fans hear my word
mimo has the best site in the world
this is my last 2 sentences i will say good bye
so mimo is the best in the world and for now bye bye.

Mimo's Party Clues
Mimo one plus six, times three,
Loves to throw parties,
He'll give you a clue to a clue,
Till your face turns blue,
But to meet this flippered friend
You'll have to search as hard as you can,
Play along with his tricks,
Do the Mimo Matrix,
Even look up some code about a square,
Even though you say you won't go there,
But you know you'll try it,
There's no denying it,
Don't tell me you learning braille isn't rare,
So are you still going to say you don't care?

The Cool Orange Penguin
Mimo777 is a great penguin with orange fins,
Who help others to find pins.
Club penguin gang is 1 year old
And has been the best site without paying gold.
Wearing a tour guide hat and sunglasses,
And a parrot on his shoulder that eat grasses.
He has a friendship bracelet
Symbolizing all the friends he met.
Having a great penguin like Mimo,
There's no doubt that his friends list will grow!

The Mimo poem
In an Igloo,
On the north side of sea,
Lives a penguin just like you and me.

Eats fish and chips,
And loves to party,
Having some fun,
And being a smarty!

This little penguin,
whats his name?

Mimo Mimo clowning around
mimo mimo touch the ground.
Mimo Mimo pick up sticks
Mimo Mimo do lots of tricks.
Mimo mimo sit in your seat
mimo mimo swing your feet.
Mimo mimo singing a song
all the penguin's singalong.
mimo mimo trying his best
mimo is now ready for the test.
mimo mimo catching fish
all of them a tasty dish.
mimo mimo dancing in the shop
dancing to the penguin bop.
mimo mimo writing a book
for all the penguins to have a look.

A special penguin, who is not that tall,
has tons of hobbies, like playing with a ball,
on his shouder, sits a feathery thing,
its non-living, so it can't talk or sing,
I wonder why he don't wear shirts,
maybe he wore it once, but got stained with dirt!
He is such a special guy as you can see,
if I meet him, I will be shouting with glee!

The coolest penguin ever!
Stop going to ur site, I would never!

You make me want to drink orange tang.
Thanks for the cheats club penguin gang!

On CP, there are penguins that think they are tuff.
Have you heard some of Mimo's techno music stuff?

I like to watch those penguins that look like a bunny!
You know what? Mimo thinks zebras smell funny!!!

Mimo is so cool! He's no traitor...
He's so awesome, he has his own moderators!

When I can drive I think I will get a ford
When im on Mimo's site, I'm nothing but bored!

I'm going go now to buy some socks...
Nothing left to say except, MIMO ROX!

A parrot on your shoulder,
A hat on your head.
"Zebras smell funny",
Is what you said.
You made party clues,
Added new friends,
You don't wear shoes,
Not to offend.
This membership, if I win, isn't for me,
I'm not THAT selfish as you can see.
My friend wants this like any others do,
But Mimo consider this, it's an ode to you.

Here at Club Penguin
It's difficult to find
The pins and secrets
That are hidden behind

We go online
To look at your site
Asking you for clues
All day and all night

With the help from you
We can figure it out
We find the things
Without a doubt

We know all the secrets
And found all the pins
It's because of you
That we have found all these thing!!!

Mimo, Mimo, that little orange penguin
I think he’d look cute in a tiny blue ribbon
Many have tried to meet this star
Of course though, only few have made it that far
7 Lucky people are in the gang
7 hard-working penguins; or so it rang
7 Caring citizens, keeping us up-to-date
Hardly do they ever post anything late
I think you’re smart Mimo, so can you figure it out?

Ode to Mimo777
I scramble to my computer desk
And worry if I’m on time
Cause Mimo’s haven’ a party
And missing it would-be a crime

I wish to tell him thanks, so much
For informing me of CP
He gives away tons secrets
About the forest and the sea

So I grab my favorite penguin hat
And jump to the party room
I see Mimo standing there
In his happy orange costume

He stands there with a big smile
And I waddle over and say hello
He gives me a huge friendly wave
And it’s time to play in the snow

The party gathers to pick teams
Over by the Snow Forts
One team blue and the other green
And I hold on to my shorts

On Mimo’s command we START!
Snowball’s fling everywhere
I take a moment to catch my breath
And say a silent prayer

I dive into the battle
Organized chaos as it may seem
I fight side by side with Mimo
My one and only dream

I'm writing this poem about leadership,
For the prize of a one year membership.

I'll start at the bottom then I will gain,
As I talk about the Club Penguin Gang Chain.

Purplyn9, not much is known about,
So I'll say the name and try not to shout.

Next in the chain is EA12345,
The name is cool unlike a bee hive.

After is 9China9,
Who's skills are so fine.

One of the cheat agents is Me Santa,
So sweet and kind like the soda Fanta.

The website Moderator is ZoeZoe11,
So nice and Lucky like the number 7.

U Fride is the one who is Chief of Cheats,
Being so sly he probably doesn't eat his beats.

Last on the list is the Club Penguin Gang President,
But in the white house he is no resident,

Mimo777 is the President in this story,
And because of his work he should be showered with glory.

But there is one more penguin I'll say before I'm done,
The name Mimo's altar ego is Coelacanth1.

So Mimo777 and the rest of the chain,
If you pick me for the winner you'll have something to gain.

I'm a loyal fellow penguin on the great cool club,
So please pick me and you know my happieness could fill a tub.

I'll attend your parties, and dance one Rockhopper's ship,
So just please pick me for the prize of a membership!

Posting stuff on the Internet,
Is something that Mimo does best.
Each week they will never fret,
On posting something we will never forget.
Helping us find secret rooms,
Is what makes Club Penguin bloom.
Hidden things and cheats,
Is a really very big feat.
A big thanks to Mimo,
For making our Club Penguin team grow.

Mimo waddles all around the town.
Saying "Hi" to whoever is around.
Going to his party that he decided to throw.
Oh but, poor Mimo, little did he know.
There were so many penguins( cause' they'd all brought their friends).
He couldn't meet all of them before the party ends.
"Hey" he said "Listen up, cause I have a plan"
"Penguin, listen to my demand".
He set them up, all in a line.
And Mimo's special party turned out just fine!

Mimo you're fun,
Mimo you're cool.
So now i my write,
the ways that you rule.

First you are orange,
just like a carrot.
You wear funky glasses,
and on your shoulder there's a parrot.

You have a bracelet,
That the book room can provide
And that unknown question mark hat,
you can get as a tour guide.

You also provide cheats,
with help from all your friends.
There's u fride, 9china9, ea12345 and purplyn9,
and lets not forget zoezoe11.

But the main reason you rule,
apart from all the rest.
Are your amazing parties,
now surely they are the best.

I love the way you make your clues,
putting them on your website.
The hardest thing is fuguring them out,
and hoping i get them right.

Though i've been to only one party.
it was the best i've ever seen.
I met loads of new friendly penguins.
but zoezoe never accepted me.

So now this poem must end,
by saying: mimo you're IT!
And how i love your website so much,
so please, can i have the free membership?!

I am sitting here writing a poem, so I can win a prize
I am writing about a penguin with sunglasses over his eyes

His name is Mimo, so helpful and neat
And he is giving away a treat!

I have to write this poem for him
So I can have a chance to win

He has on his shoulder is a parrot
And his color is the one of a carrot

He is an agent and a tour guide
Making this website, he should have great pride

Mimo, Mimo it is true
I could not ever live without you

mimo's the leader of the CPgang
a penguin that parties with a bang
he's got help and cheats for free
and many links you'll see

all his pals and all their tips
give the club real-time zip
the site is there for anyone
who wants to share in the fun

Mimo is so magical
He has an excellent blog
But now I have just one question
Mimo, do you have a dog?

His website is a brilliant thing
Its all about Cp
But I have got to say to you mimo
Will you be friends with me?

He is only twelve but very smart
As you can see he is a boy
But now I talk straight to him
Are you as nice as a toy?

The best penguin ever,
I wish I can find him,
And be his buddy forever,
So we can talk to each other.

Oh someone told the,
That Mimo is the best,
I wish we could be together,
And hangout like the rest...

This poem was removed. It was the same as #11.

WHEEW! Which one is the best? I know!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Anonymous said...

This Is Hard Mimo!

Anonymous said...

i didt make it =(
(sigh) all my hard work gone down the drain.


Anonymous said...

so hard to choose...... :)
mine wasnt in here..... :(

Anonymous said...

Hard choice but 20 is cool!

lol said...

Mimo i think 4 is the best! Club penguin monitor. (ORANGE LAND)

Anonymous said...

I vote for #4!


john said...

Hi Mimo,
Mine isn't up there, but the all the others are ALL SO GREAT!!! The one I like the most is #21!!!
- Lion :D

Unknown said...

Wooooooo Mimo! My poem is on their!
This is a really big deal for me!
I'm not going to say which one is mine incase you don't vote for it!

Anonymous said...

well thats to bad i didnt make poem wasnt that great soo what can i say.thats really bad i really wanted to win.:(

Anonymous said...

cool your on the site!

Anonymous said...

u just did another one!

Anonymous said...

mimo! meet me on yeti right now at the dock.

Anonymous said...

28??? I should just skim! Man Thats a lot!! But mine wasn't there JK I didnt enter I'm already a Member ;)

Thanks mimo777


Anonymous said...

wow..lots of poems..#16 is really voting for #16 tomorrow!

Ray Toolbear said...

Aww Mine Isn't Here!

Ray Toolbear said...

Aww Mine Isn't Here! My Poem was so good! :((! You posted all except a couple. Makes me feel sad!

Anonymous said...

i worked the hardest in the whole world on my poem

Anonymous said...

I saw probably #11 is good!

Anonymous said...

Hey mimo great finalists. out of all the ones on the list i would have to say numba 24 was definately the best.

Anonymous said...

Mine didnt make it :(
but i love all of the ones you put up, though mine really was the best.
My favourite is 24 so i am voting for that one!

Anonymous said...

man that took me an hour just to come to the bottom on the site

Anonymous said...

i like number 4# cuz it has a hip but not a hop sound and it just souns so fresh!lol

Anonymous said...

I LOVE 19!!


megrina10 said...

Mimo did u get mine? I don't think u did because mine was pretty awesome.. :(

megrina10 said...

#24 ROCKS!

Unknown said...

number 4

Anonymous said...

Hey its Brad1072!

Wow!Its so hard to chose which is the best!I dont know how you can dicied so fast Mimo.I love them all.I never new how many people where that good at peoms.


You guys are so creative and are really talented!I dont how you guys think of such good peoms and so fast!

Thanks,please post this!


Anonymous said...

Wow thats a lot. i can not choose only because i only read 1-8. and through that 8 were all pretty good. :)

Anonymous said...

number 2 mimo
-pacopeng(cp name)

No. said...

oh wow thats a lot of them!!! and its really hard to choose for me! cuz right now i saw like about 13 i liked!!!

Anonymous said...

awesome ☺

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!

I thought mishmash215's video was best...It takes a lot of courage to make a video of youself that will be viewed by so many people! I know I couldnt do it. Anyway, mishmash, you still got in top 5!
And Mimo must have liked it a lot too for you to get there! Good luck in upcoming contests! : D

Your friend,
Joe cool 567

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

Amazing job! I loved the poems, still trying to see which to vote for, there are so many! I am sorry to those of you who didn't make. Keep on writing and never give up. Next time you'll get it, just wait and see!

Thanks everyone!


Anonymous said...

i don't know??? to many to choose from!

Anonymous said...

wow! do think u put enough poems on there?

majassyla said...

it's a tough choice mimo. there are so many entries! i hope i could join someday in your contests!

Chucksmi said...

Hmmmmm They are all good. Mimo please come to my website and leave a comment. I have a section about you!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

phew so many i didnt even get a chance to read them all! there good though

Sand Flipper

Anny Ning said...

hey mimo i like 18, 19, and 20 =]
and btw, #27 and 10 are the same poem; you might wanna get rid of one of em =]

guys dont feel too sad if your poem didnt make it... mimo musta waded through hundreds of poems and theres just no way he can post them all! but great job to everyone, including those finalists!

Anonymous said...

WOW MIMO THATS ALLOT OF POEMS U HAD TO READ i feel so sad for u right now to read all those

Anny Ning said...

i think im voting for either #18 or #20

but #19 is really clever, too... lol nice acrostic poem

ugh too many choices! noo... must... stop... thinking...
oh snap i think my cerebellum just fused

Anonymous said...

i like number 10

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Wow!! Mine's on there! There's so many other good ones though!!

Anonymous said...

OOH look at number 19! the beginning of each letter spells Mimo777Hi! how cute!!!

<3 it

MishMash215 said...

Hey Guys!
This is MishMash215!
After about 50 minutes of reading each poem heaps of times, I have decided to vote on Number 4! :)
Dont ask me why, there is just something about that poem that I like! :D
So well done to whoever did that AMAZING poem!
Thanks Mimo & Everyone else!

MishMash215 said...

Hey Guys!
This is MishMash215 here!

Anonymous said...
mimo! meet me on yeti right now at the dock.

Hey Anonymous!
Im so sorry, but Mimo cannot meet anyone on CP, except for at his parties, which happen very mounth or 2!
I know that EVERYONE wants to meet the famous mimo, but if he did meet everyone anywhere, imagine how long he would be on CP!
Probably 24 hours a day! :S
So just wait a while, and soon Mimo should have another party!
But be warned, you have to find out 4 very tricky clues!
This is because if he just told everyone where to go, the whole server would be full! :D
I hope I helped!

Thanks MImo, Anonymous & Everyone Else!
MishMash215 (CPG Moderator)

MishMash215 said...

Hey Guys!
This is MishMash215 here!
Alot of you are dissapointed about your poem not being up there...
Well I am too! Hahaha!
I tried very hard on mine, but I guess we will just have to realise that some of them are better than ours! But dont feel sad, Im sure yours were absolutely AWESOME, but Mimo just chose unique ones!
So maybe its time to get down on your knees, and beg ur parents, right?!
Thanks Everyone!

Anonymous said...

i really like number 11 mimo.plz post ive never been posted!!!!!and my igloo wasnt picked for the igloo contest.sad.


Anonymous said...

I think that I like No6 the best, although it was short & simple, but it is COOL! Also, it tells ALL the description of Mimo in brief.

Anonymous said...

7 is pretty funny, I guess I'll go with that one.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I like #6 because it is repetitive and it sounds great! It also makes sense.

Anonymous said...

I quite like number two!How did you type all of that!?

Anonymous said...

#2, #4, #6... so hard to choose!

Anonymous said...

i like number 2

Anonymous said...

awesome mimo

Anonymous said...

i think this is the longest post ever.

- Grud45

Anonymous said...

i like #14! but they are all cool!

Anonymous said...

wow there are a lot of people who made poems i like number 4, 5, 28

Anonymous said...

theres soo much it is really hard to choose which one is the best:)

Anonymous said...

i think #21 is the best!!!!!!:) :) :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone!

How has anyone read them all?


cherryblossom said...

I don't want to read the poems. There are to many poems to read.

Anny Ning said...

hey polounited77, i dont think mimo typed all of that! he probably cut & pasted from the original emails =]

ahhh... the power of cut & paste

Anonymous said...

I like them all!


Anonymous said...

Hey polounited77!

Kimberrlley1 here! You asked how mimo could type all of that?!

I think mimo just copied and pasted ot from the emails =) Great idea, huh?! That would have taken him forever to type it haha!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo so much!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

jakoyobro said...

well i had ten in mind but i studied and i think number 4 is the best!
but they all were really good

cpg moderator(leelee20)

Anonymous said...

#3 has "MIMORULZ" down the sice

Anonymous said...

I vote #20!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


lol, its ok. good luck to everyone tho!


Anonymous said...

Mimo I vote . . .
There where a lot of good ones but that was my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ixsoccer!

Kimberrlley1 here =) You asked how anyone could read all of them?!

I know right! It would take forever =) I am going to vote for #4 =)

Thanks &+ thanks mimo so much!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anonymous said...

Hey there!

Kimberrlley1 here! An anonymous user said mimo, meet me on yeti at the dock!

Unfortunately, mimo cant! I wish he could do individuale meeting too, but hes just too busy and it wouldb e fair! Try making it to his next gathering/party!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo!

"Kimberrlley1(CPG Moderator)"

Anonymous said...

alright, i really hated a few, but i wont say which ones. but the ones i really liked - there are A LOT!!
numbers 2, 4, 6, 13, 14, 17, 23, 24, and 27 ALL have my vote!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mishmash!

Kimberrlley1 here! I had no idea that the video of the boy was you!

Awesome job! That takes so much braveness! Thanks for saying my name too =)

Thanks &+ thanks mimo!


Anonymous said...

Hey everyone!

Kimberrlley1 here =) Dont worry if yours didnt make it! You are all so creative to even be able to write a peom =) It take sa lot of hard work, so nice work!

Thanks &+ thanks mimo! Good job all!


Anny Ning said...

soccer said "How has anyone read them all?"
the answer is verryyyy slowwwlyyy

Anonymous said...

ok, i narrowed it down a little bit:
2, 4, 6, 14, 17, 27

Anonymous said...

WOW! #3 DOEs have MIMORULEZ down the side! I never noticed that! AWESOME!

goofy73 said...

hey polounited77! wow i know i wouldn't be able to type all that! i think mimo highlighted them right clicked, copied or cut and then pasted it on to his post. thats what i'd do! =D because after my hands would hurt!

you're friend goofy73(CPG moderator)

goofy73 said...

hiya soccer! i just quit at number 10 i didn't read all! wow i was amazed how many there were!

you're friend goofy73(CPG moderator)

Anonymous said...

number 2 made no sense really....

Anonymous said...

all the poems are cool i cant decide! but since u know which 1 is da best then it doesnt matter! in the poll 1 has the most votes so i guess u think 1 is the best? ;) plz post this mimo

Anonymous said...

Wow, #20 is brilliant!

But i'm #19 all the way.


Frad1206 said...

This is hard!

Anonymous said...

#19 is very cool. I love it.

Anonymous said...

i gotta say my fave is #20

vote for 20, people! =]

Anonymous said...

oh...its pretty hard to pick from 27 poems.

Anonymous said...

im not reading all of those they r to many

Anonymous said...


bimbo775´s awsome cheat site said...

i think poem number one is the best only because its the first! thats NOT FAIR!!!!!!! >:(

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