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Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Pet Catalog Hidden Item Cheat!

Here is the hidden item in the new Puffle Pet Catalog.

To find the hidden item in the new Pet Catalog go to the Pet Shop in the Plaza. Now click on the Pet Catalog on the lower right. Now click to the 2nd page. Now click on the brown flower.

Now you have found the Gray Puffle House!

No biggie, right?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang President


Anonymous said...

can you do the igloo cheats thanks E24o

MishMash215 said...

Hey Guys!
This is MishMash215!
Thanks Mimo!
You are doing a great job (as usual!)
You are so fast! :D
Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

amazing! not

Anonymous said...

cool i like that little pond thing. i think this party is AWESOME mimo.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Mimo!

Anonymous said...


Natho Dude (CPG MOD) said...

Hi Mimo! Those are some pretty cool posts! I have had the Wizard's Hat since Halloween '06!

- Natho Dude (CP name)

Anonymous said...

hmm... i think that is cool!
so what about the contest any cheats???

SwimPool said...


Anonymous said...

thanks mimo oh and theres a new igloo catalog too

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

thats no good because im not a member unfortunatly

Anonymous said...

cool thanks mimo!

Sand Flipper

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys!
I am grasaurous!
Mimo you are doing a great job!
Those are great posts.
Yeah,What about the contest do you have some cheats for it?

ruth neo said...

yeah thanx mimo u rock

Anny Ning said...

hey there grasaurous! i dont think theres any way to cheat on the contest, and plus that wouldn't be fair... but im not quite sure what you mean exactly by cheats for the contest =]

Anonymous said...


dj joie said...

I'VE never heard of this before.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mimo... did you see the cheats for the new puffle furniture catalog? If not, you go to the page with the puffle houses, and at the top click on the word puffle. The gray house will pop up.

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