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Thursday, July 5, 2007

The Club Penguin "leak" is getting worse!

The leak in the Club Penguin Underground is about to get worse! Tomorrow will be a big day at Club Penguin. We will cheat to give you a preview:

1. New Clothing Catlog
2. Fire-Fighter Stuff
3. The leak will be getting worse. You can help repair it!
4. If you fix it you will get a free item!
5. A new Pin!

It will be a great weekend on Club Penguin!

We'll have all the cheats, tips and hints for you tomorrow.

Did everyone have a great July 4th?

- Club Penguin Gang


Anonymous said...

Isnt it like against club penguin rules 2 use cheats????? well even if it is i still use them

Anonymous said...

Coin "cheats" are illegal.

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