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Friday, July 27, 2007

HINT: Rockhopper has landed with new free item!

Just as we thought, Rockhopper is back and sure enough, he has a new free item - a Fishing Rod. He also has several new items for sale. Here's is how you can cheat to find him.

Step 1. Click on the Map icon in the lower left.
Step 2. Go to "The Beach"
Step 3. Go to Rockhopper's ship.
Step 4. Click on the "Store."
Step 5. Click on the paper in the lower right.
Step 6. Click on the "Fishing Rod."

Also available for sale are Pink Viking Helment, Treasure Cheast, Tresure Map Background.

Now you have Rockhopper's new rare secret item.

We love Rockhopper!

Do you?

Has anyone actually seen him today?

- Club Penguin Gang


Anonymous said...

i have met him in his ship hold at iceland

Anonymous said...

OMG i am rite next to rochopper
hes giving out eye patches at 9:51 hes at his ship dancing in breeze!

Anonymous said...

no one has meet him

Anonymous said...

i cant find him this is so hard and everyone is lying about where he is and im am so confused

Anonymous said...

i have meet him at the yeti

Anonymous said...

Where is he???????

Anonymous said...

And where the heck is the yeti?????????

Anonymous said...

Yeti is a server.

Anonymous said...

i saw on a canadian server ice rink he was dancing he gave me backround he was there for littel time he was in the town there was about ten other penguins their P.S. THE NEW SECRET MISSION COMES OUT ON AUGUST 3 ALSO THERES ROCKHOPPERS FRIEND SHIP BRACELET AT THE END OF ROCKHOPPER THE STOWAWAY IN THE LIBRARY IN THE BOOK ROOM ON TOP COFFEE SHOP

Anonymous said...

hi i met him a long time ago he gave me an eyepatch ill even prove it if you check out the homepage of my site!!!

Anonymous said...

will he be giving the background out next time he comes

aqil said...

new pin is in the dogo courtyard it is like a tree

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