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Friday, July 5, 2013

Star Wars Takeover - Official Cinematic Trailer!

Check out this sneak peek for the Star Wars Takeover!

OMG. This looks like THE BEST party ever!!! I love Star Wars! How excited are you for this!?

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
Mimo's on Twitter Puffle Launch - Disney


Anonymous said...


I get too Join HERBERT!!!!

BUT wait....

Oh MY!

Mimo and All, You Guys I never realized Club penguin was an island on a planet which is NOT earth, we live on a planet of our OWN!!!

then that means we aren't technically penguins, further more we are ..... Aliens!!


But then how is it possible for Herbert to have reached C.P. from the south pole simply by drifting on the ocean? you traverse between planets by Sea!!

For this some meditating do I must.


P.S. I was wondering whether there will be a Star Trek party too, or not.

Please respond Mimo.

mario30206 said...

Mimo i just found a log off screen that shows Darth Herbert saying "Breathes loudly".

Anonymous said...

This party will be cool, great, perfect, exciting and more!! Some people quited CP for that??!! I can't believe...

Anonymous said...

this can be a movie

Josh5692 said...

Dosent Herbet Fight against The EPF?

26blusnow said...

Yes! I am a complete Star Wars Nerd!

Lucy said...

I hate Star Wars but this looks pretty cool!

fool1234 said...

yeesh it's help the galaxy and restore peace! NOT FREEEDOM cp is getting more and more dumb... i hate it now, used to be fun

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