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Friday, April 19, 2013

Tour Guide's Marvel Super Hero Takeover Q&A

Club Penguin's newest blogger, Tour Guide is posting his first ever blog post! He spends lots of time with Polo and the Club Pentuin team. He always reads our comments and give tours. I guess that explains his name, huh?

Anyway he meets lots of questioning penguins and wants to answer as many as possible.

So, he is giving us some answers to our Marvel Super Hero Takeover questions.

Will last year’s Marvel costumes return?
They sure will! You’ll have another chance to suit up as all your favorite Marvel characters. We can’t wait to see all your crazy Hulk, Loki, and Black Widow outfits. AND there will be new surprises... Marvel costumes you've never seen before.

What kinds of new activities will there be?
Fasten your flippers! There’ll be two brand new mini-games, available only during the party. One for heroes. One for villains. So pick your side!

Which Mascot will visit?
Just like last year, Aunt Arctic will be there on the ground to cover the clash between good and evil! Stay tuned to the blog for dates and times.

What will non-members be allowed to do? 
Non-members can join a side to protect or destroy Penguintropolis! And everyone can play the new super hero and super villain games! Flippertastic!

Now, here is a question for all you Tour Guide Troopers… What are you most excited to experience at the Marvel Superhero Takeover?

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
Mimo's on Twitter Puffle Launch - Disney


Anonymous said...

I hope they have the police/robber uniforms again. I missed them last year :(

Stub990 (member of cp since 2009) said...

I hope they have the bank vault again. And also, who wishes you could lend coins and/or items to other people on cp?

Anonymous said...

Puppet Potter Pals!

no one 215 said...

I think tour guide is a girl.

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