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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Club Penguin Super Hero Party On Now!

The Club Penguin Super Hero Party is on now! Check it out!

Choose your side:

If you're a hero collect your members and non members gloves! Click "Power Up!" to collect crystals to power up your gloves!

And if you get 50000 crystals you can get a prize!  

Click build to build your robots! 

Make 8 kinds of bot to get a prize!

There is a catalog with items for ALL penguins:

And the "Marvel-ous" Members items:

Here is the Police Station... formerly the Stage:

Click the camera to get a FREE Mug Shot Background:

Super Hero HQ:

Super Villain Lair:

And, check out the Snow Forts:

FREE money in the Bank (Pizza Parlor)! Woot!

Let me know what your favorite thing to do at this party!?

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President

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Unknown said...

The bank picture is an old picture, because next to the moderator sign, there is a superhero sign, which was shown last year and not this year. :)
But the article is really cool, seriously! :)

Rex said...

Get 100 Power crystals in a run and get the super hero hoodie!

Toad377 said...

Hello there mimo, once you finish the crystal game, it will give you yet another hoodie, a white super hero one this time.

Anonymous said...

Next to the EPF party, I must say, this party is awesome. TONS of clothes for members, while also really cool stuff for non-members. This wills surely get lots of new subscribers in.

The music is awesome, the setting is awesome, and it's just really well done :)

Anonymous said...

I think the binary code on the back of the newspaper at the bottom right translates to robots are superior beings, but I'm not sure.

Vallanding said...

Gosh, they have so many glitches with this, my favourite thing is Tony Starks House, my friend knows all the lines and was saying them onlline
(facepalms self)

Anonymous said...

When doing the crystal mini game when falling down, if you rapidly click you'll start falling faster... unless i'm just crazy...

Anonymous said...

If you complete the bounce game you get a super hero hoodie thats white and yellow

Anonymous said...

THIS IS THE EPICKEST PARTY OF CP YET!!! Sorry that I hurt your ears.

Anonymous said...

i wish there was more for non-members. all the gloves and deploying robots is for members only. but still overall a good party but very heavy on the site. everything is so slow.

Anonymous said...

I already said that Rex, Toad and Anonymous! But I don't think that my comment got posted.

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