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Thursday, February 11, 2010

New Club Penguin Bambo Forrest Postcards!

Ok, bunch of Club Penguin updates EARLY tonight and new Postcards as well! SWOOT.

Send me some!

Also, the "NEW" icon is back on the Club Penguin Newspaper. Cool! I think that was a good move. I liked that.


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- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Hnwjanuary11 said...

Sweetness! I didn't c that! Thanks Mimo! (Its midnight where I live! Im spending the night @ my grandmas and she told me to get in bed! Lol...)

Anonymous said...

I was about to tell you that lol but i guess i was too late!


mimo o o said...

mimo u r awesome. thank you so much for helping these ppl.
u r so nice.
ps r u buddies with someone named mimo o o on planet cazmo? if u r, that is me

kkkk1112 said...

mimo i didnt see that.thx for telling.i luv u

Unknown said...

It doesn't word

Unknown said...

yay i loved that part of the newz paper!!!

Red Jamster said...

mimo you have mail to check.
lol jk.
that's really neat i remember that from before.

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