Monday, November 23, 2009

Club Penguin Fire Ninja Game Here EARLY!

Wow! The new game at the Fire Dojo was not suppose to be released until tomorrow, but it is here now!

When you play other penguins, you will earn your Fire Suit. When you beat Sensei, you will become a Fire Ninja! Sweet!

So to play, do this:

1. Go talk to Sensei. He will match you up with as many as 3 opponents depending on how many are wanting to play.
2. Click on the stones in the center when it is your turn. Your penguin will move the number of spaces that is revealed.
3. Now, choose an element on the outside stones.
4. Next, pick the highest card (color doesn't matter in this game) from your deck that matches the chosen element. (the game makes it really easy by showing which of your cards you are able to choose from)
5. Repeat steps. ;-]

I think in order to beat Sensei, you will have to have your Fire Suit, just like you need to be a black belt to beat him in the regular Card Jitsu.

You will start out with 6 energies. If you win a round you will keep your energies. If you loose, you will loose energies. The cool thing is, if you choose the stone with the 2 cards, you can take an energy from your opponent! Fun!

Here are the awards in order: (Thanks, Kiogre 2)

1. Flame Sandals
2. Magma Coat
3. Fire Mask
4. Fire Helmet

Here is a picture of the complete Fire Suit! Cool!

Check out the future of the Amulet! There will be doors for the Snow and Water! Awesome!

Let me know when you earn your Fire Suit!

Posted this weekends winner of the 1 month membership and 1,000 coins! Next weekend major party blow out too!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Anonymous said...

here s a cheat that isnt on any websites:to get a power card while in battle first you cant have any power cards then use one of the two cards on the bottom but you have to lose so you have to have at least two energies then you should get a power card.

Blue Lenny said...

Its so simple! I only had to vs Sensei twice!!!

YummyxGurl said...

Logged out and my cards are showing!



Anonymous said...

I got my whole Fire Suit! It's really cool, and if you have your Fire Suit and are a Fire Ninja, a lot of ppl will ask to be ur buddy. I just wish that the game was for non-members, since a lot of things on CP are 'members only'. It's a little unfair.

Anonymous said...

Krispey016 said...
for me, really easy to beat Sensei. got my Fiery Helmet today, and i only became a member on tuesday. beat Sensei on first try.

Anonymous said...

i got my fire suit and then beat sensei on my 2 try! you get a fire gem after you beat sensei

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