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Friday, November 15, 2013

New Trophies in the UK Club Penguin Magazine!

This is for all the UK players! 
First, the new issue of the UK Club Penguin Magazine is out today! It always comes with a selection of codes, gifts, you guys know... But wait! There's more!
This issue introduces something totally new for our UK players... TROPHIES!

Kinda weird, I know. Let me explain...

From now on, all penguins featured in each issue (in Cadence's Catwalk, Cool Cribs or anywhere else) can get an EPIC virtual trophy item to decorate their igloo! As well as a cool postcard and a TON of coins! Check them out below!

If a penguin is featured 3 times, they will get a MEGA gold trophy! And 10,000 coins! :O This is a super rare item and I heard it looks LEGIT in an igloo! :)

Congrats to Fishandfries, Mutley8694 and Pinkyisobel7 for being the first winners of the gold trophy!

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