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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Join Chattabox for a Game of Musical Chairs!

There are so many awesome things coming up this month like always! One being the new GLODEN PUFFLES!

To celebrate Chattabox has decided to hold a party in her igloo with a giant game of musical chairs! She's got her iggy all ready with tons of different kinds of weird, crazy and spunky chairs! So she would love if we all would join her to play a super fun party game!

Here are the party details!
Time: 4pm East Australian Standard Time or 6pm New Zealand time 
Day: Thursday November 14th
Server: Flurry 
Place: Forest (and then over to Chatta's iggy)

Also! Everyone who attends will get an awesome postcard and she will take photos to appear on next weeks blog!

Come ready to dance, dance, DANCE! :)

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