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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Club Penguin: The Cove's New Look!

The Club Penguin Teen Beach Party left a little something for our friend The Cove!
A whole new look!

I think it's great when Club Penguin tries to change up things and give the island a new look. But what I think would be awesome to have like a "retro party" where they just put the island back to its old self. Like 2007. That would be cool!

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Just a small addition to the cove, it looks nice.

And yes, A retro party would be cool, especially if they brought back certain free items that were free back then but have turned into members only.

Anonymous said...

They removed the rock where I found my first pin. :'(

Stickers303 said...

Haha you tell 'em Mimo.

Anonymous said...

Yes, a Retro Party must happened! I miss the old layout of some stuff. :/

Hm, the Cove looks crowded to me, but, still good haha! ^^

Aosc2 said...

Yeah, they should do that sometime. To have newer players see what CP was like way back.

Anonymous said...

Wow Mimo! A retro party is an awesome idea!!!! I would love that!

Anonymous said...

Wow.... it's super lame though. They didn't even change it to something cool.

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