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Monday, August 19, 2013

VIDEO: New My Penguin Avatar Sneak Peek!

Last Friday I showed you all the sixth Club Penguin episode of #WaddleOn! And many penguins noticed something a little different...

For those of you who guessed it was full 3D avatars coming to My Penguin 1.2 for iPad, you're correct!

They completely rebuilt the avatar from scratch to take full advantage of 3D. All your items from Club Penguin are available with this new 3D avatar. When you change your avatar on, your outfit will show in My Penguin, too! And if you change your outfit in My Penguin, you will be able to see it on the web. They are completely synched up so it's easy to go back and forth. We've also re-done all the animations in 3D!

Below is a video that gives you peek at how cool these animations look in 3D. The team worked on these for over a year and did an amazing job! You are going to have a ton of fun playing with all your special dance items and seeing the cool, new animations. Check it out:

Welp. That's it! For those of you who actually have an iPad with the app, what do you think!? 
And those who don't, how badly do you want this for iPhone, iPod, and all those other devices!?


Anonymous said...

I really want the app to come to ipod so I can play it!

Marth2187 said...

Look at this we are now in the in the future of technologies where gadget's and stuff, do you all remember in the past like when CP started and there wasn't that much when I think it was just like a white screen or something like that.
CP has changed a lot.

You rock mimo :)

Anonymous said...

All the games CP had made on
iphone , ipod, ipad, ect. They should put all those games on different divises like I have a blackberry playbook and I want those CP games on it so bad!!

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