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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Club Penguin Crash the Party...The Fair!

The 2012 Club Penguin Fair is here! This is one of my favorite parties of the year!

Here is how it works. There are a cool items at the forest, but you have to buy them with The Fair tickets! You get tickets by playing the new fair games around the Club Penguin island.


The Prize Booth is in the Forest:

Here are the items you can buy with your tickets:

Remember, more items coming next week so don't freak out!

There is a MEMBER prize booth outside of the Great Puffle Circus (get there through the Forest):

Here are all the MEMBERS items you can buy:

There is also a FREE Background at the Ski Village!
Wha!? It's the same as last year! Rip off.

Go up to the camera and click it to take a picture:

You get the Step Right Up Background cheat:

Oh yeah, don't forget to tryout the Bumper Cars at the Stadium!

Lots-o-phun even without a car costume!

If you are looking for certain game, here is where they are located:

Memory Card Game: Forest
Puffle Paddle: Forest
Puffle Shuffle: Dock
Feed A Puffle: Cove
Ring the Bell: Dock
Spin to Win: Dock
Puffle Soaker: Bonus Game Room in the Snow Forts
Balloon Pop: Bonus Game Room in the Snow Forts

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

Wow, CP got EXTREMELY lazy with this party this year. This used to be one of my favorite parties. The background is from last year, and all the current non-member items are old items...Serious thumbs-down this year. Not even worth participating.

Anonymous said...

is rockhopper at this party?

Panosgp said...

What a boring party!

Pipbhav said...

Mimo in the logout screen of club penguin,right now they are showing the Halloween Party!It tells us to become a ghost and this great party starts on 18 October 2012!!I am so so excited for the halloween.Anyway Mimo,does CP celebrate its anniversary(Beta Party,1st anniversary party etc)if that's so then I am so excited.

Anonymous said...

Same old stuff :(

Anonymous said...

I agree with top comment, why can't non members get better stuff? Why is there a member prize booth? They need to stop catering to members so much!

Anonymous said...

Wow... old items. :// I expected CP to give out newer prizes *sigh* I hope they add "newer" prizes during the party soon.

Anonymous said...

i rate this party 3.1)Old items to win 2)the same games of last year 3) Same background of last year. I loved this party but this year its terrible...

Anonymous said...

For partys they should have a hunger games party and that will be the best party ever! Penguins killing each other lol i would love to see that.

Anonymous said...

Uh, members get good stuff because they actually pay. Why pay for a membership if u can get the same stuff playing free? Members get their own booth for that reason exactly, what do u think? Stupid...

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