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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Like My Igloo: August 5!

Today in the last day for my little Club Penguin game thing! So I have the last penguin names for you all today!

Tim250             Wadle 456
Xshlomix          Sven12727
Tuxiidude         Diesel1471
Herbie8910       Minun951 
Frstr                   Leuta2000
Danny Wilson   Alfle94568
Dogster8920      Mason3001
Truck6               Steady Eddie
Jjoeyxx              Jepot14
Mistypurdy        Orsat
Sjheerts              Bobawesome
Acter Boy 1       Mrredpuffle
Mister Red71     Curly kid
Wilson 500        Pichu127
Ddbd3               Owl1096
Josh5698           Rocky Road 3
Pengi05721       Pantherxx12
Pinkano445       Fralles 
Ben2653           Tapout 1
Crythunder        Diavlo10025
Dvivoni             Connor2426
Mars74201        Chef2be95
Frosty8672        Penguinmanz5
Y A P L D   

So thanks to all who could participate! And sorry to the ones that couldn't. ):
And by the way I knew from the start that I wouldn't get on the blog. I just thought it would just be something fun for everyone to do.

 I know I had fun doing it! Did you? 

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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Anonymous said...

are u quiting on this blog i get on this every single day i love this blog please don't leave this blog please

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find your igloo. :(

y4123 said...

wut servear dou uo gou onn ii gou onn windd chilll im aann ex member dats 1500 dayz old i want to meet u on cp iv met tazboi wicked wickz 2 betas da sensei im better dan da sensei at card jitsu im y4123 i play roblox to ive never met a moderator 5starfrog is my friend

Anonymous said...

No he isn't quitting the blog. He's just slow on things right now.

Anonymous said...

No he isn't quitting

Phineas99 said...

I bet mimo just wanted to do this game to get more likes for his igloo lol.

Turk Ois said...

Very quiet in the cave itself, it might almost just be rushing water, but go through the door and it is definitely a machine.
It wasn't there last night.

Something nefarious from Herbert no doubt.

Yap95 said...

I wanted to like your iggy, just you wouldn't accept my friend request!!

Anonymous said...

@1st anyonymous. Thats's just silly. Mimo never ever EVER said that! Maybe next time you should check before commenting.

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