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Monday, June 25, 2007

Has anyone seen Rockhopper?

As anyone seen this Penguin?

We've seen Rockhopper recently in the Forest. If you see him click on him, then click on the winking icon in the lower right.

When you do, you will get a free eye patch! If you've seen him, let us know.

Did you know the a rockhopper is a type of penguin? The rockhopper penguin is related to the macaroni penguin. Seriously! Click here for more rockhopper information.

-Club Penguin Gang


Anonymous said...

hey ive seen rockhopper more than 10 times! I have the eyepatch. I learnt that rockhopper is a type of penguin when i was looking for info about rockhopper pirate at wikipedia!

Unknown said...

The rockhopper penguin is the smallest of all the antarctic penguins. ^^
You could also get an eyepatch when rockhopper came back for the first time.

Anonymous said...

ok so i have not seen him yet but I did not really know you could see him on clubpenguin this si the first time I heard about it is on here but I have been on the ship but I've not seen him the user yet. Thanks for the info I love this site I am telling all my friends about it!

Anonymous said...

When Rockhopper comes to Club Penguin, his ships comes to dock at the light house. Rock hopper usually can be spotted in only one server at a time for a short period of time. Then he moves to a different server. I guess he likes to move around!


Anonymous said...

i saw him the other week i didn't know who it was so i left him be!!!

Anonymous said...

tnks for the info on rockhopper i will be at the migrator all day when clubpenguin finiches the migrator

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