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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Club Penguin Secret Quick Keys

Above are the documented Quick Keys.

Here are a few Club Penguin secret Quick keys.

Type: e i = igloo
Type: e t = "toot" noise
Type: e n = stars & moon

Are there anymore secret Quick Keys?

-Club Penguin Gang


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Cool Site I love all the tips !!!

Anonymous said...

When you type en you get the moon and stars. When you type et you get the music note.

Anonymous said...

NICE!! Now I only know how they do the "toot" noise, I even tried to use all the keyboards but nothing work! U guys tips r awesome!!

Anonymous said...

There is a puffle 1 but idk how 2 use it

Anonymous said...

click e d for a sunshine!

Anonymous said...

If you make a snowball, if you double click it makes you to go the spot and get hit with snowball!

Tess Tror said...

June 6 is my B-Day:)

Anonymous said...

to get ice cream you press e w and another one is press e q for a different ice cream! thnx for making me remember the toot :)

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