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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Your Very Own Igloo Backyard for Puffles!

A few days ago Club Penguin announced that members will soon be able to adopt dino puffles!

And the team has come up with something really cool! A backyard for your igloo!

Everyone will be able to keep 10 puffles in their igloo and all their other puffles into their backyard (or keep all your pets in the backyard). Here's what's super cool! While your pets are in the backyard, their stats won't go down

Now members will be able to adopt up to 40 puffles! You're going to need all that space for the new puffles we create in the future...

Your igloo backyards will open on January 22! What do you guys think of this!? It sounds WAY too good to me!

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Pipbhav said...

Again,as I say,
Non-members can adopt only red&blue,so it doesn't matter for the penguins other than members....That's bad:(

Anonymous said...

I wonder if non-members can adopt some dino puffles. Like maybe the red and blue ones.

Anonymous said...

when is this?

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