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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fairy Fables Returns to The Stage - June 2014

Everyone's favorite girly play has returned to Club Penguin... Fairy Fables!

Of course, there is the Costume Catalog. What are the chances there are actually cheats in this catalog? Ah... check it out!!

This Costume Catalog has cheats for ALL the Club Penguin plays! Saweet!

So, lots-o-cheats! Ready?

For the first cheat, go to page 4 and click on the Fuzzy Fern.

You have found the Grass Skirt cheat!

On page 5 there is an item for EVERYONE! Woot! Wait! Wha? It says you need a membership! Ugh!

For the next cheat go to page 6 and click the Golden Puffle.

You now have the Crook and Flail cheat!

Now go to page 25 and click on the snout.

You have found the Sunset Crown cheat!

Now go to page 28 and click on the Steeple Hat.

You now have the Ruffle Collar cheat!

Go to page 30 and click the White Fuzzy Beard for the next cheat.

You now have found the Pointy Shoes cheat!

Those are the cheats! Finally a good amount of cheats, but there was so much potential for Club Penguin to rock the cheats on this catalog, don't ya think?

 - Mimo777, Club Penguin Cheats Gang President
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