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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Chattabox's Grand Prix Bonanza!

Here's Chatta's weekly post!

Last week’s Oscar’s party was a huge success – I loved your outfits! One of the highlights was definitely when we all sung along to “Let It Go”, you guys sure are talented – I think we have a few stars in the making.

So this week, Melbourne is hosting the Formula One Grand Prix – one of the most exciting car races in the world! So I think that we need to celebrate with a party… What do you think? I’m on a quest to find Club Penguin’s ultimate race car driver. Join me dressed in your favourite racing colours and don’t forget your race car! Also, I MAY have a secret 'checkered surprise' for all you racers; so come along and don’t miss out! Can’t wait to see you all there – take a look at me with my race car below. Cool huh!

Meeting details!
Place: The Forest
Server: Down Under
Time: 9pm Penguin Standard Time
Date: Wednesday 12th March

Hope to see you there!

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1 comment:

Gooy55 said...

by hope to see you there, are you going to be there? If you are send me a postcard. I am Gooy55 and will be in the corner.

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