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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sensei Speaks About Club Penguin Volcano!

All the fire penguins have been collecting in the Sensei Scavenger hunt has "awaken" the Volcano. It contains a great Ninja secret. Sensei has admitted it will be a place to train by saying:

"Ninjas here me now,
Behold the great Volcano-
Where we'll seek to train.

But there's much to do,
Before we learn its secrets.
We must be patient

Ok, cool, huh? But, I think penguins are getting very anxious about this new room. How long can we be patient? I want it NOW! lol

Oh yeah, Club Penguin has changed the date for the new Igloo music. It should be here tomorrow. Also, make sure to check here for the new Pin cheat.

- Mimo777, Club Penguin Gang Cheats President

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Ba6abi6o said...

Members Only room?

13leejj1 said...

second comment! Notice how I did not write in CAPITALS. :)))

Anonymous said...

maybe we have to wait till next week

Anonymous said...

Saweet mimo do u have ANY idea when it will be out

-pink me now

andy2122 said...

Members Only room?

maybe or maybe its only for ninjas

andy2122(cpg mod)

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah! Members only room awesome!!!! ~Syka: Remember the Name~

katycandy12 said...

omg i hope its here soon!! mimo when does it come out?!?!

Anonymous said...

well lets see:member rooms are only for parties so i highly doubt billybob is making a permanent member room.sence its in the hideout i guess you only have to be a ninja,not a member.also if you look up"cp volcano room" you can find a picture of what the ninja hidoeut will look like when construction is finished.also if you read the first and second page of the news sensei says we will train in the volcano!im sorry my comment is so long.i just wanted to point those facts out.

Anonymous said...

Every 1 u will have to be a member ninja to buy the amulet to get acess there

-Pink me now

Cocolotay56 said...

i found sinse for the first time then he tought us about consentraicionbut after that he seaid sinci vanish and he left

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